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Optimizing the grant management process

We spent the last five years studying how scientific research is funded; discovering insights into the grant application process both from inside the National  Institutes  of  Health  (NIH) and from the perspective of the top University research institutions applying for funding, in the US and globally.

Winning research grants from U.S. federal research agencies, such as the NIH and the National Science Foundation, is highly competitive, and academic research institutes lose millions of dollars every year incorrectly identifying, researching, responding to and administering grant applications. If such wrong turns could be avoided, institutions could process and win additional grants every year worth millions of dollars.

Mycroft is the platform for anyone to create a grant application in a highly efficient manner and provides researchers with the ability to find similar research in one place and collaborate with other researchers in solving grand global challenges. Mycroft creates unparalleled convenience, saves time and money for researchers, research administrators and institutions.

Mycroft is based on a new paradigm, cognitive computing, which is a category of technologies that uses natural language processing and machine learning to enable people and machines to interact more naturally to extend and magnify human expertise and cognition.

We are born from a partnership of IBM Watson and Open Health Systems Laboratories (OHSL), leaders in provider of biometrical research with over 50 years of experience. Together we are able to ease the burden of and assist in the grant application process for a researcher, allowing science to take precedence over a long and tedious administrative process.

Core Benefits


  • Enhanced quality of research
  • Greater intellectual property value
  • Accelerated funding application process and increasing productivity
  • Augmented insights to better train and develop research administrators


  • More time to perform research
  • Growth in sharing, communicating and collaborating
  • Opportunity to generate new hypotheses
  • Feedback and correction, ensuring acceptance of applications, leading to increased funding


  • Access to multiple funding sources
  • Capacity to proactively manage and track research application submission and administration
  • Reduced effort needed to conduct research
  • Easy to identify opportunities and match them to researchers

There’s a disconnect between the language used by humans for literature and science, and the representations used by a computer.  Natural Language Processing bridges these worlds, allowing computers to understand and learn from us.”

Yonatan Bisk, PhD Postdoctoral Scholar at The Information Sciences Institute at the University of Southern California